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sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Learning English

Dear readers,
I hope you can help e to improve my English level. As all people of my generation, I have studied this language at the school, that means 7 years, but I feel that my vocabulary and my ability to understand are poor. At the school there were so little listening-exercices, not many writtings... Only "fill in the gaps", "complete the sentences"... When I started to learn German or Italian I noticed that my knowledges became bigger than my English level only in three-four months: Where is the mistake? I confess that my  motivation was not the apropriate; I was happy at the blind school, but later... I couldn't use a dictionary, there was no Internet... OK, and I was lazy. But now, is it too late? Shall I be able to have the same knowledges as for instance in German or Italian? It's a little difficult to learn by my own: How can I start, in which way, how can I reach the necessary discipline, the essential motivation?
I will use this blog to get the obbligation to write, and you can help a lot by correcting my awful English. I am ashamed because all people speak this language, more or less, and I... Once I was at the railway station, and American made a question and I wanted to know if he could speak German, then it was easier to me to give an answer in that language. He got surprised and exclaimed: "You don't speak English!!!". I have always been upset with the arrogance of many Americans: They don't need to learn foreing languages but they require us to speak perfectly the Empire's language! Brrr! Perhaps that fact has contribuited to my rejection, but now it's necessary, friends, I MUST learn English, I need it!
You can correct this article at the comments section, many thanks!

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