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martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

Stephen Hawking: ¡todo se puede!

¿Creó Dios el Universo?

«La Humanidad es tan insignificante si la comparamos con los eventos del universo, que el hecho de ser un minusválido no tiene mucha importancia cósmica»

"·What did God do before he created the universe?· [...] He was preparing Hell for people who asked such questions". [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
¡Nuevo!!! Nat Geo presenta Genios Por Stephen Hawking
New voices for Stephen?
El Destino ha querido que sólo sea libre en regiones de gravedad cero: ¡Despiadado guiño del espacio! ¿O habríamos de llamarlo "relación amorosa Hawking / esspacio? ¡Tiene que ir, tiene que ir: tiene que viajar allí, YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
«Sólo somos una raza de monos avanzados en un planeta más pequeño que una estrella promedio. Pero podemos entender el universo. Eso nos hace muy especiales».

«La voz que utilizo es la de un antiguo sintetizador hecho en 1986. La mantengo porque aún no he escuchado otra que me guste más y porque, a estas alturas, ya me identifico con ella».

«El peligro radica en que nuestro poder para dañar o destruir el medio ambiente o a nuestros pares aumenta a mucha mayor velocidad que nuestra sabiduría en el uso de ese poder».
«La raza humana necesita un desafío intelectual. Ha de resultar aburrido ser Dios y no tener nada que descubrir».

«Einstein se equivocaba cuando decía que "Dios no juega a los dados con el universo". Considerando las hipótesis de los agujeros negros, Dios no solo juega a los dados con el universo: a veces los arroja donde no podemos verlos».

«Las personas tranquilas y silenciosas son las que tienen las mentes más fuertes y ruidosas».

«Dado que existe una ley como la de la gravedad el universo pudo crearse a sí mismo de la nada, como de hecho ocurrió. La creación espontánea es la razón de que exista algo, en vez de nada; de que el universo exista; de que nosotros existamos. No es necesario invocar a Dios para que encienda la mecha y ponga el universo en funcionamiento».

«Debemos intentar comprender el comienzo del universo a partir de bases científicas. Puede que sea una tarea más allá de nuestras capacidades, pero al menos tendríamos que intentarlo».

«Obviamente, debido a mi discapacidad, necesito ayuda. Pero siempre he tratado de superar las limitaciones de mi condición y llevar una vida lo más completa posible. He viajado por todo el mundo, desde la Antártida a la gravedad cero».

«El viaje en el tiempo solía ser considerado solo como algo de la ciencia ficción, pero la teoría general de la relatividad de Einstein permite considerar la posibilidad de que podríamos deformar el espacio-tiempo lo suficiente como para que usted pueda irse en un cohete y volver antes de salir».

«Si los extraterrestres nos visitaran, ocurriría lo mismo que cuando Cristóbal Colón desembarcó en América y nada salió bien para los nativo americanos».

«Los virus informáticos deberían ser considerados como vida. Pienso que esto dice algo acerca de la naturaleza humana: la única forma de vida que hemos creado es puramente destructiva; una forma de vida a nuestra imagen y semejanza».

«No siento miedo a la muerte, mas no tengo prisa en morir. Hay tantas cosas que quiero hacer antes».

«Me he dado cuenta de que, incluso las personas que dicen que todo está predestinado y que no podemos hacer nada para cambiar nuestro destino,
también miran antes de cruzar la calle».

«La inteligencia es la capacidad de adaptarse al cambio».

Stephen Hawking: vida de un genio.

¡Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

Feliz día de Internet, ¡y vivan la Ciencia y la Tecnología!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stephen! Thank you very much indeed for your life work, your effort and your example! Thank you for surviving without giving up; for your intelligence and your humour!!! Let me tell you a secret: You pronounce very well! I can understand you better than other English people! :-) But, don't you like Eloquence, or Daniel? Daniel is perfect!!! A Capella Group, Garmin? I don't remember... :-( The Intel-Voice sounds a little like HAL! :-) I have heard Daniel this morning and I was really shocked!!!
I wish you a very, very, very, very, very happy life, and that you accomplish ALL your dreams!!! Please travel immediately to Space if you want to, where you are free!!! Don't you have finantial support, enough resources, sponsors? What is the problem? Why don't you abandon ALL for a few days / months/ years and go there? Is it impossible because you cannot be out of the Solar Sistem so many days due to your machines and health problems (ironic joke)? Is it unfeasible to find a crew with medical experience? Is it risky to be so far away due to eventual emmergency troubles? I can understand it very well; but you have shown how you are able to challenge all boundaries! You must go there because in Space you are free, free, free: completely free!!! And also a Little sick... :-(
Yours sincerely, and admired,


[Six months later]
I have learnt a lot after my first "meeting" with you and your extraordinary life. You have been very, very important for me in those collapsing emotional years! After wanting for a long, long time to die [oh! I wouldn't write about it for the whole galaxy..., but you must know it!], you have made me discover the Prodigy of my own life, and the wonders of the universe! Now I know that it is nonsense to wish your annihilation: What for? Depressions can, must, should absolutely go over! And then...? We can do lots of things for us and for others. We are going to live a minuscule time in the Earth: Let's profit it! Let's do our best! You are doing it always, aren't you? I am sure that you wanted to disappear too, when you received the fatal piece of news... And here you are, helping others to arise! Isn't it wonderful?

Another conclusion: It is much better that you don't travel to Space [laugh]: expensive, complicated, risky... With that money you could accomplish other dreams! Which are your dreams? I would help you with pleasure, if I could... Hm, I will try it with my positive energies, although I obviously don't believe in telepatic transmisions; hihihi! Please tell me: Which are your dreams nowadays?

I also have learnt with you that ignorance is relative! You will never be able to imagine how I felt ashamed due to my lack of logic and knowledges, mostly in sciences. During the last months a person in particular -it sounds incredible, he wanted to be my boyfriend!!!- took profit of my inferiority complexes to sink me more in the abism, by laughing and calling me repetively "ignorant", "social rubbish", "a mess in Maths and Physics", "a shame"... Really a gentleman, you know [laugh]. I could only wish not to have been born... MELIUS ILLI ERAT SI NATUS NON FUISSET, hihii! And I cried, I cried, I burst in invisible tears day and night (my emotional collapse had blocked all feelings and possibilities to express them) for a lost and wrong existence! Of course I know nothing about this lovely friend, and if I ever have the enormous pleasure to meet him, I will... What? Let me think: I will greet him politely but coldly, keeping in every moment the good manners but trying to avoid him if posible. His words do not hurt me any more: Victory! He has been completely neutralized! Harmless! Unmighty! Farewell, my dear!

Thank you for being as you are! Thank you for continuing! Thank you for having saved me and much others! I know that. A colleague of you have even told me to have experienced how you have helped people in critical situations; a Spanish physicist that invited you eight years ago... [Laugh].

Enjoy the end of the year with family, friends, colleagues and beautyful Christmas music -in case you like it- and have a nice, wonderful, peaceful, quiet 2017 charged of unforgeteable experiences! I send you all my love! For ever,
Granada (Spain).
P.S.: Will Bach's music also be gobbled down by a black hole? Pity pity pity!
«With your permission, I will finish these lines by adding a beg. For courtesy: promise me that you will NEVER let yourself succumb! Never, never, never! It does not matter what it happen can! Thank you, I am very proud of you! :-) :-) You are strong enough and barriers free: I am sure that you will reach it!!! [17-V-2017]. My dear, I begun these lines just a year ago. I received your message and, since I have started to show interest in our universe, lots of surprising paths have been oppened to me.
Together with you I also read Asimov and Sagan. Thank you, my teachers! What a fortune to have you three available for me! You never get tired, then books can be looked up whenever I want to. You never devaluate my achievements: On the contrary! You want me to be curious, and so I am! Your colleagues from IAA (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía) are helping me a lot, to. I try to attend all the divulgative conferences, and I have met wonderful persons there that now know how important you are for me.
Thank you again, and take care! A pity that Starmus doesn't take place in Tenerife, but in Trondheim (the neighbourghood, hihihi!).
Let me hug you conce more.

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  1. ¡Me quedo con una frase que dices, la inteligencia es la capacidad de adaptarse al cambio! ¡Y tú lo has conseguido, al menos has sido capaz de darte cuenta de cuál era esa parte tuya que estaba como dormida! ¡Pero la has encontrado y ahora eres otra persona completamente diferente diferente de la que yo conocí! ¡Sigue así Rocío, sigue así!

  2. Spontan letter to an astrophysic friend.

    Dear [...],

    I cannot sleap, Hawking has... Hm... Atrapar? Not fascinated, but...
    Entzückt, gehext me. I am reading "A brief history of time", in English, without have ever seen the sky, without possibilities to see it once and without previous clarification of astronomy, but... Oh, what a fresh book!!! I am hocked!!! I cannot leave it!!! I have lots of silly questions about stars, planes, boundaries and finite / infinite; I shame myself of those
    ignorances..., I don't understand a word about numbers, laws, physics, etc:, but I am hocked!!!

    Coul Mr Prof. Dr. Travel to space? Oh!!!! There he would be free, at
    last!!!!!!!!! There he could fly!!!!!!!

    And if that muscle on his cheek?[?] Brrr, no dictionary, do not fancy
    to search..., this muscle that he can move doesn't work any more...,
    what, what, what...? It is difficult to imagine such a great torment:
    A genious, a brilliant intelligence that is unable to communicate, to
    express, to go out of his body-prisson! I'm crying!!! No, that won't
    happen, no, no, no: The universe doesn't want to!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!
    Kann er... Blinken? I don't think so: if he can "blinken", he also
    can talk in Morse.., but I don't think so, do I? It is so fair...!
    Hm... Perhaps with his complete health he won't have been that genious!!! In fact he was a little (sorry, Herr Prof. Dr., a little very)lazy and the impulse to continue working was brought by the illness, when he was aware of his few time: Scarcery 2 life years... :-(

    No, he want me not to see sad, no, no!!!!!! He doesn't merit it!!!!!!!!!

    Have a nice day!!!!!!

    Yours sincerely,


    P.S.: better "best regards"!
    P. P. S.: Hawking wants me to understand the universe according to my
    knowledge---boundaries: Do you think it wil be possible? It is a debt with his extraordinary effort!!!!!!!!

  3. Chronic of page 7: At the beginning there was the Nihil, and the Nihil became Totum, and the Totum lived amouth us, and... I have not read the Bibel, also I don't continue, I fell into a black hole!!!!! But God was really confused and bored because there was no space either time, and he could not know how old he was, when his birthday takes place, when he was born, where he lived or where to go in the inmense nothing... And he created the space-time in six days, and the siventh he went to bed with a new joy: "I exist, I exist!" -he said, but only he believed it, because nobody could hear him, because the space-time were not so developed to make hear the sounds; in the vacuum there is no sound and the space / time was still vacuum. . And God was very angry and did his first naughty thing: the forbidden apple. And so came Eva and committed sin, and all men and women were expulsed from Paradise, and the Golden Age disappeared, and we Homines Insipientes Insipientes became the worst species all over the universe and beyond it, and now we are paying the consequences. And God said: "The lack of space-time is guilty! I cannot live so alone and without anybody to adore and praise me! And without angels choirs to sing to my good works, and without sinners to send happily to Hell...! No, that is quite boreing! You all, stupid, idiot men, animals, plants, atoms..., you all are going to became dust!". God always so optimistic, my goodness! You know the rest of the story. Now I must go to read "A brief history of time / no time". VALETE.

  4. Muy interesante todo, Rocío. Tú blog, visitable, tus artículos bien argumentados y discutibles siempre. Como tiene que ser una mente científica. Y como tiene que ser una mente: discutible, flexible y...humana al fin.
    Un saludo.

  5. Muchísimas gracias por tus interesantes observaciones y la consideración hacia este blog que nació, aparte de por la necesidad de dar eco a una situación injusta, para mi propio disfrute; por el deseo de plasmar ideas, pensamientos, etc. Si encima puedo ayudar a otros, mejor. Sin los lectores, esto tendría poco sentido.

  6. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.